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Licking River Outfitters, Inc. (LRO) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit national charity that specializes in sending wounded soldiers, disabled veterans, critically ill and disabled youth on the hunting adventure of their dreams! LRO outings give our youth and veterans something to look forward to, and help sustain them in their time of need! They can forget about the world of hospitals, and high medical bills by participating in a real fair chase trophy hunting adventure. LRO is composed of a 100% volunteer staff from all walks of life, bonded together by a common love for our fellow mankind and a deep respect and appreciation of our world's natural resources. By working cooperatively with hunt donors as well as generous individual and corporate sponsors, LRO has made a significant impact on the lives of hundreds if not thousands of children, disabled veterans and their families. The public's image of all sportsmen is enhanced by this valuable community service and new lifelong friendships are made! 




I am a veteran of the US Army and was trained as a crew chief/door gunner on a UH-1 Huey helicopter serving from 1967-1972. Ellen is a retired US Postal Service Postmaster since 2003. After living all our lives in Georgia we decided to retire to a farm in N Central Ky. supplementing our retirement with outfitting for deer and turkey. I am a very experienced hunter and guide of almost 50 yrs. taking most of the big game animals in North America except sheep.

My first hunter was my younger brother, who was also an Army veteran, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 8-12 months to live. He was the first hunter to take a deer from the farm. It was a nice 15 pt buck. He passed away a short time later. Next we had a young man with Spina Bifida ask to come hunting. He was 14 yrs old and confined to a wheelchair. It took a while but we got him his turkey and the look on his face was unbelievable. Needless to say he didn’t pay for the hunt.

These experiences led me to realize how fortunate I was to have had the hunting adventures and success that I have had and how others with disabilities might have not. My attention also turned to returning soldiers that have been wounded and the terminally Ill. Why couldn’t we provide hunting opportunities to these hunters? As their medical expenses are usually high and money is low why couldn’t we do it for free? So we became Licking River Outfitters, Inc., a non-profit 501(3)(c) operation. Fully 100% of all donations go to help fund LRO hunting trips. We have no payroll.

During 2014 we took our 1,000th person hunting of which 75 or more were wounded soldiers, others were disabled or youth. And All Were Free!!! We are now in our 8th year of operation and I still haven’t killed a turkey in KY on our farm. But I have called many in to meet their maker at the hands of a wounded soldier, or disabled hunter. What could be better than that? This has become my passion and is a 365 day a year job as our 600 acre farm is totally managed for trophy deer and turkey and provides both food and lodging. We could not provide these services as we do without the sponsorship and help of our partners both locally and nationally. The public is always invited to come and see firsthand how our operation works. We just ask that you call first so we will have meals prepared for you also.

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